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Protocollo "Accoglienza sicura"

Your health and ours are top priority


General measures

  • All our collaborators have their temperature checked before the start of their work shift.
    We ask each guest to sign a self-declaration upon arrival which certifies the absence of symptoms resulting from respiratory infection and that they do not have a body temperature above 37.5° C.
  • Automatic pedestals and dispensers for the distribution of hand sanitizing gel have been installed in various parts of the structure at the disposal of guests and staff.
  • In carrying out their duties, the entire team is equipped with personal protective equipment. • At the reception desk and in the common areas, you are obliged to respect the interpersonal safety distance of at least 1 metre.
  • We ask each guest to wear respiratory protection in all common areas of the hotel.
  • Guests not belonging to the same family unit and staff are requested to avoid any kind of physical contact (handshakes, kisses and hugs).
  • Guests are asked not to create gatherings within the common areas and to reduce the time spent in the reception area.
  • Everything that is provided for use by the hotel is sanitized before and after each use.
  • At the end of each work shift, the hotel staff sanitizes the workstation and equipment.
  • Access to the lift is allowed at the same time only to guests staying in the same room.


Cleaning of rooms and common areas

  • Cleaning and sanitizing are processes that we carry out separately to ensure maximum hygiene.
  • Cleaning personnel are equipped with personal protective equipment.
  • All rooms are aired out upon entrance of the cleaning staff.
  • The guest has the right to request that the rooms are not cleaned during the duration of their stay.
  • All surfaces are treated with appropriate sanitizing solutions. Particular attention is paid to critical touch points, such as handles, knobs and push-button panels.


Serving of food and drinks

  • The tables in the room are spaced at least 1 metre from each other, so that there is no contact between guests from different rooms.
  • Tablecloths are replaced at each change of guests and the table is sanitized after each service. • The buffet can be used with a mask and disposable gloves. Please respect the distance of 1 metre.
  • The menu available to guests is disposable.
  • Tables, chairs and other surfaces present and subject to contact are sanitized daily.
  • The dining room and kitchen staff are equipped with personal protective equipment.


Symptomatic cases

Should a guest inside the facility experience symptoms attributable to Covid-19 infection (fever, breathing difficulties), he is required to notify the hotel management staff promptly, who will inform the competent health authorities. To reduce the risk of infection, the suspect person will be asked to wait for the arrival of the health authorities inside their room or in an isolated environment.

This document may undergo further changes based on the evolution of the state of emergency and any decrees and ordinances issued at a national and provincial level.



Services and advantages for your holiday in our hotel

in the town centre

6 sky TV channels in the rooms

courtesy and a family atmosphere

private parking

electronic payment

at a 2 minutes walk from the ski lifts